PanoBlender Quickstart

The PanoBlenderAddon is helpfull for easy creating STL-files with BLENDER for KRPano 3D-Depthmap-Panoramas.

This is a quick introduction for the PanoBlenderAddon1.0

For newer releases read the documentation!

Get the addon on Gumroad

1. Install the Addon

  • Download the panoblender.ZIP file.
  • You don’t need to unpack it. Leave it zipped!
  • Open Blender an go to Edit/Preferences/Addon.
  • Click „Install…„, navigate to the panoblender.ZIP file, click „Install Add-on„.
  • After ticking „Enable Add-on„, you will find the Addon in the „Toolbar“ by pressing the N-Key.

2. Start PanoBlenderAddon

  • Open BLENDER, select everything in the 3D-View and delete it.
  • Open the PanoBlender Panel and click Setup PanoScene.
  • Navigate to the World Properties and load your equirectangular panorama there.
  • To make the panorama visible, activate „Material Shading“ in the 3D-View.
  • The „Solid Shading“ will show the Face-Orientation with blue and red colored faces.
    Only the blue sides will be visible in KRpano!

3. Set Camera Height and start modelling

I recomment you, to split the view to get two different screens before start modelling.
Use one screen for the 360° Viewer, and the other to look at the whole modell with „Solid Shading“ to check the Face-Orientation.

  • Set the Camera Height in the CameraLocation field at Z-Axis.
  • Use the PanoRotation field, to fit the Panorama with the 3D-View.

Some tipps for modelling

  • Try to use less verticies as possible, to reduce file size.
  • Fill the model only with quads and triangles.
  • Keep it simple! You can add more details later on.
  • Sometimes it is hard to use the Gizmo-Tool, while looking through the 360°-Viewer.. Learn the BLENDER shortcuts!

4. Export the model

  • Safe the BLEND-file first!
  • Select the model and click the Make ExportReady button.
  • Go to File/Export/STL to safe the model as STL-file.

Dont forget to tick:

  • Ascii
  • Selection only
  • Apply Modifiers

5. More Panoramas

It is also possible, to build more models from different panoramas, to create a Panorama-Tour in KRpano later.

  • Just load in a new panorama, position the „PanoCamEmpty“ and rotate the panorama till it fits the current model as good as possible.
  • Than correct the model and note the Rotation/Location values before(!) pressing the „Make Exportready“ button.

There is a much easier way to create Panorama-Tours with PanoBlenderAddon and KRpano.
Read the Easy-Tour-Tutorial.

Happy blending! 🙂


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