PanoBlenderAddon Tipps

Blender Shortcuts

Some people ask me witch shortcuts I have used in the PanoBlenderAddon tutorial videos.
So here it comes:

View directions
[Numpad_7] = Top
[Numpad_1] = Front
[Numpad_3] = Side
[Numpad_0] = Camera

Enter Fullscreen with [CTRL] + [Space]

Hide Faces with [H] and press [ALT] + [H] to unhide them

Move verticies with [G];
[G] + [Z] to move along the Z-Axis;
[G] + [Shift] + [Z] to move and lock Z-Axis (very usefull for the ground)

Extrude areas with [E]

Make Loopcuts with [CTRL] + [R]

Sellect all with [A]
Deselect all with [A][A]

Hover and press [L] to select only conected Verticies

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