PanoBlenderAddon Easy Panorama-TourTutorial

In this tutorial I show you how I created this panorama-tour with the PanoBlenderAddon.

I found an easy way to create panorama-tours with PanoBlenderAddon, respectively how to read out the loacation/rotation values.

It is much easier than the first workflow!

  • No Camera positioning needed!
  • No TourMarkers needed!
  • You can create each panorama seperatly first!

Later all models will be loaded once into one Blend.file and arange them to read out the location/rotation values.
Thats all!

1. Create The PanoramaModels

If you like, you can download the example panoramas or you start with your own.

  • Finish modelling each panorama..
  • Press MakeExportready(!) and safe the Blend-file.

Tipp: Safe the file twice! One file after pressing ExportReady and the other one as backup, if you want to refine the model later on.


At the end, there will be have two Blend-files. Take a look at the Location/Rotation Panel. Every value is zero. It means: It is ExportReady!

2. Create the TourBlend-file

  • Open a new Blend-file.
  • Go to File/Append… and navigate to your PanoramaBlend-files.
  • You can browse Blend-files like folders! Doubleclick to open it.
  • Navigate to Objects and select the „BaseModel“.
  • Load the other panorama(s) same.
  • Move and rotate the panoramas, until they fit the scene.


It should look similar like this.
I have added an empty for the hotspot-location, too.

The TourBlend.file is only for to read out the values. Do not model or export from this file!
Select each model, to read out the location/rotation values for Krpano in the TourMarker Panel.

But attention!
The rotation values show the opposite direction (For the TourMarkers it works corecctly).
According to that, you have to reverse the key signs for the rotation values!

Since version 1.3 everything will show correctly! It is also possible to print out a preformed xml-code for each panorama!

<style name="Style_Pano_01" prealign="0|0|0" ox="0" oy="0" oz="0" linkedscene="Scene_Pano_01"/>
<style name="Style_Pano_02" prealign="0|3.26|0" ox="1438.61" oy="0" oz="166.08" linkedscene="Scene_Pano_02"/>

I hope you like this way of tour-creating.
And as always: If you have any questions or ideas, tell me!

Creative Commons Lizenzvertrag
Die Beispiel Panoramen sind lizenziert unter einer Creative Commons Namensnennung – Weitergabe unter gleichen Bedingungen 4.0 International Lizenz.


I’m learning Blender and Krpano with you. The quality of the tours generated with this method is far superior to any other. You should think about creating a course.

Thank you for sharing your knowledge.

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