With the release of PanoBlenderAddon1.3, it is possible, to print out the Krpano values as preformed xml-code.

Version 1.3 also comes with some UI, Material and code improvements.

Everything is optimized for the Easy-Tour-Workflow!

New Features:

KRpano Values

Select the model to show the Blender-coordinates corecctly translated to the KRpano values.

Hit the Print button to print a preformed xml.code to the system console. From there you can copy/paste it.

<style name="Style_Pano_01" prealign="-0.0|-0.0|-0.0" ox="0.0" oy="0.0" oz="0.0" linkedscene="Scene_Pano_01" />
<style name="Style_Pano_02" prealign="-0.0|12.3026|-0.0" ox="-329.37" oy="0.0" oz="-2.83" linkedscene="Scene_Pano_02" />


The material (PanoMat) looks much better and is setup by default from now on.


UI Improvments:

I wanted to keep the addon (and the code) as simple as possible.

I have removed the Tour-Markers function and replaced it with the KRpano Valus panel.
The Tour-Markers are not needed anymore!

Only the Start and the KRpano Values panels are visible at the beginning. All other panels will be hiden untill you press the Setup PanoScene button.

The CamHeight / PanoRotation sliders are simplified and moved to the Start panel.

Zenith and Nadir view buttons have been added to the 360° Viewer Panel.
This is very helpful to align the panorama to the 3D-space!


  • Error message, if a panel has been opened before pressing the Setup PanoScene button.
  • Error message because of unwell formed ID-names.

Example Tour:

I have recreated the „TourMarkers“ panorama-tour with PanoBlenderAddon1.3 and the Easy-Tour-Workflow.

The result is much cleaner:

As you can see, the tour-blend is much more accurate!



You can download the panoramas and the blend-files for free, if you like:

At first, I have created some basic models for each panorama and saved the files twice.
One blend-file, without pressing Make Exportready, to finish the models later on. The other file, saved after pressing Make ExportReady, to build the tour-blend with it.

Creative Commons Lizenzvertrag
Diese Panoramen sind lizenziert unter einer Creative Commons Namensnennung – Weitergabe unter gleichen Bedingungen 4.0 International Lizenz.

MultiPanoramaTextures Quicktipp:

I wanna show you how to make multiple panoramas visible correcctly in the tour-blend file.

This is done very quickly:

  • Open the Material-Tab and navigate to „Vector/ Texture Coordinate | Object“.
  • Delete the „PanoCamEmpty“ for each panorama.
  • Done! 🙂

For „How to bake MultiplePanoramaTextures“ stay tuned!

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