PanoCamAdder Example-Files

The PanoCamAdder is a free addon for Blender. It is helpfull for creating 3D-models from equirectangular panoramas.

I have created a „Dollhouse“ from three panorams. You can see a screencast on YouTube, if you like:

Feel free to download the example-panoramas, if you want to reproduce the dollhouse.

Creative Commons Lizenzvertrag
Diese Panoramen sind lizenziert unter einer Creative Commons Namensnennung – Weitergabe unter gleichen Bedingungen 4.0 International Lizenz.

Install The Addon

  • Download the addon. You don’t need to unzip it.
  • Open Blender. Go to Edit/Preferences/Addons.
  • Click „Install“ and select the
  • Tick it to activate.
  • You will find the „PanoCam“ tab in the 3D view by pressing the N key.

Start / First Panorama

  1. Open the „PanoCam“ tab, enter a Name for the first panorama and click the „Add New PanoCam“ button.
  2. Move the „PanoName_EMPTY“ to the correct camera height (The camera height for the example panoramas is 1.32m). This is very important to get good results!
  3. Add a plane to the scene and keep sure the z-location is „0“.
  4. Select the plane and apply the „PanoName_MAT“ material.
  5. Load the panorama to the material and the world.
  6. To make the material and the background panorama visible, toggle Viewport-Shading and tick „Scene World“.
  7. To fit the panorama to the 3D-space, select and rotate the „PanoName_EMPTY“.

Now you can start modelling! 🙂
If you like, download the finished model with the first panorama.

Next Panoramas

  1. Locate the 3D-cursor near to the next panolocation, to make the positioning a bit more comfortable.
  2. Repead steps 1-5 from above.
  3. Move and rotate the „NewPano_EMPTY“ untill it fits the model. (As I told you before, camera hight is very important!)

If more than one camera is added to the scene, you must select them for each window you like to use the 360° viewer for:
Go to the View tab, tick „Use Local Camera“ and select your camera from the dropdown menue.
Use the different 360°views to refine the model.

You can download the finished model with all three panoramas, if you like.

UV Unwrapping / Texture Baking

For baking the textures, you have to create UV’s first.
There are different ways to do it with Blender. A very short one I have shown on YouTube.
But I recomment you, to check the UV’s with a checker-texture! Every quad has to be a square and each square should have the same size, otherwise the texture will be distorted.

For texture-baking switch to CYCLES renderer inside Blender. Add a new texture-node to a material and keep sure it is selected.
Choose „Emit“ in the bake settings and press bake.
Safe the image and repeat the steps for each material.

I have layerd the baked textures in Photoshop and masked them manually for using it for the dollhouse.

TIP: Export the UV-layout from Blender, too! It is very helpfull for masking in Photoshop later on.


Fell free to download the finished model from Sketchfab.

If you like, you can download the blend-file with the model and the final baked texture, too.

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