blender to krpano

Prepare with PanoCamAdder+ (1.7 and above)

  • Select one or more ‚_HANDLE‘ and the model.
  • Keep sure the model is the ‚active object‘!
  • Press „Make Exportready“ and safe your file as STL or OBJ (if you want to export as STL, don’t forget to tick „Ascii“ and „Selection Only“).
  • Done! 🙂

Prepare with the free version

  1. Set the origin to the camera position.
  2. Move the model to 0/0/0.
  3. Rotate the model (oposite panorama-rotation).
  4. Apply rotation and scale.

1. Set the origin to the camera position

  • Select the „PanoName_EMPTY“, press Object/Snap/Cursor-to-Selected.
  • Select the model, press Object/Set Origin/Origin-to-3D-Cursor

2. Move the model to 0/0/0

  • Select the model, press Object/Clear/Location.
  • Do the same with the „PanoName_EMPTY“ (so you can check, if everything works correctly later on).

3. Rotate the model

  • Select the „PanoName_EMPTY“, go to the item tab and copy the rotation value.
  • Select the model, go to the item tab and insert the copied values with oposite(!) signs.
  • To check if everything works correctly, select the „PanoName_EMPTY again and set all rotation values to zero. If everything worked fine, panorama and model are equal again.

4. Apply rotation and scale

  • Select the model, press Object/Apply/Rotation-and-Scale.

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