PanoCamAdder Prepare The Model For KRpano

blender to krpano

If you want to use the PanoCamAdder to create models as Depthmap for KRpano, you have to prepare the model, before exporting it as STL.

This is done in four, very quick steps!

  1. Set the origin to the camera position.
  2. Move the model to 0/0/0.
  3. Rotate the model (oposite panorama-rotation).
  4. Apply rotation and scale.

1. Set the origin to the camera position

  • Select the „PanoName_EMPTY“, press Object/Snap/Cursor-to-Selected.
  • Select the model, press Object/Set Origin/Origin-to-3D-Cursor

2. Move the model to 0/0/0

  • Select the model, press Object/Clear/Location.
  • Do the same with the „PanoName_EMPTY“ (so you can check, if everything works correctly later on).

3. Rotate the model

  • Select the „PanoName_EMPTY“, go to the item tab and copy the rotation value.
  • Select the model, go to the item tab and insert the copied values with oposite(!) signs.
  • To check if everything works correctly, select the „PanoName_EMPTY again and set all rotation values to zero. If everything worked fine, panorama and model are equal again.

4. Apply rotation and scale

  • Select the model, press Object/Apply/Rotation-and-Scale.

Done! 🙂

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