This building is near of my living environment. It is lost since som years.

After a fire in the roof framework, workers began to tear down the house. They have made holes in each structual level, to transport the things from the roof away.

It is not a very ‚beautiful‘ lost place. Some very dark area and less intresting details…

But empty rooms are always a good (test) location for 3D depthmap panoramas. Easy to model and to texture!

I did not feel save in the building. The floors were very soft because of the firefighting water…
So I decided to make just few quick panoramas inside.

The aim for this small panorama-tour was to create a two-level-3D-model for testing different 3D-transitions.
Another aim was to show a UV-textured ‚dollhouse‘, which is a new feature in KRpano-1.28.

The 3D-depthmap and the textured ‚dollhouse‘ was created with Blender (as always) and my free PanoCamAdder addon.

I used this project also for testing and developing the PanoCamAdder+ addon!

With the PanoCamAdderPlus it is possible to:

  • make the 3D-depthmap-models ready for using in KRpano with just one click.
  • to print out a panorama-prealign xml-code.
  • to print out a hotspot-location xml-code.
  • to setup quickly usefull viewport settings.
  • and some more…

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