TimeShift - 3D Deptmap Panorama Tour

This is a 3D-depthmap virtual tour.

All panorams are projected to a 3D model. This allows 3D transitions and some other nice features, like showing a textured ‚dollhouse‘ from the whole location.

Click here to start the panorama tour in a new window:

The panoramas from this location, I have used very often for most of my PanoCamAdder Tutorials.
Two of them are nearly ten years old, the other panoramas are created in summer 2020.
I have combined the old and the newer panoramas in this virtual tour.
You can switch between the years by pressing the timeshift-buttons on top!


Click the yellow Hotspots to load a multiresolution panorama from the specific location.

Click the Dollhouse button to see a textured 3D-model from the scene.

Click the Walk button to walk inside the textured 3D-model.
Walk around using the Arrow keys or W, A, S, D-keys.
(On mobile touch and drag the joystick)

Switch between the years.
(Only available in walk- or dollhouse-mode)

The Location

The shown locations are two rooms from a lost railway plant in Dortmund, near the harbor.

The Panoramas

All panoramas from this virtual tour are licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 4.0 International license.



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