PanoCamAdder 1.1


  • Bugfix: Sometimes wrong values (opposite sign) for the vertical axis.
  • New hotspot placeholder: The new placeholder has the same direction as other objects now. Theoretically you can use every object as hotspotplaceholder now. But I recommend to use the new ‚add Hotspot object‘, because there is frontside, backside easier to point out!
  • Dimensions: The dimensions of the objects are now translated to krpano- width and height. Means: You can add a placeholder, rotate and scale it to get a hotspot-code with correct width- and height values.
  • New hotspot codes:
    • HS raw: name; width; height; tx; ty; tz; rx; ry; rz.
    • HS rectangle: Same as ‚raw‘ + some style to get an instant hotspot design. You can choose bgcolor and bgalpha before printing.
    • HS circle: Same as ‚rectangle‘ + bgroundedge (half size from the shorter length).
    • HS image: Add images as hotspot (enable ‚Add images as planes‘ first).
  • Easier tour workflow: If all cameras are placed in one single model, no seperated „Tour-blend“ file is needed to get the krpano-values.

New Hotspot codes:

Circle / Rectangle

The „HS rectangle“ and „HS circle“ buttons, print stylized hotspot codes for quick results.
You can choose the bgcolor and bgalpha for each hotspot.

If you want to create your own hotspot styles, use the „HS raw“ button.

<hotspot name="YourHotspotName" style=""
         width="172.31" height="99.43" tx="-519.26" ty="-199.55" tz="-259.64" rx="0.0" ry="-90.0" rz="-0.0"

Images As Hotspot

Use the „images as planes“ addon, to add images to the scene. It is shipped with Blender, just enable it. The addon creates a plane with the right ratio and a material that shows the image. Rotate, scale and place the image-plane, wherever you want.
The „HS image“ button prints a hotspot code with the right width and height and a path to an image folder:

<hotspot name="ImageName" type="image"
        url="images/ImageName.jpg" distorted="true" depth="0" depthbuffer="true" rotationorder="xzy" scale="0.5"
         width="121.03" height="161.37" tx="-79.49" ty="15.07" tz="31.14" rx="0.0" ry="-360.0" rz="0.0"

Easier Tour Workflow:

If all cameras are placed in one single model, you can read out the location rotation easily values with the „panoname_HANDLE“ (no seperate ‚tour-blend file‘ necessary).

If a HANDLE is selected, the values are shown correctly in the ‚KRPano Values‘ panel. Press the „Panorama Prealign“ button to print a preformed xml to the system console.

<style name="style_Raum_01" prealign="-0.0|-87.45|0.0" ox="17.41" oy="0.56" oz="196.59" linkedscene="scene_Raum_01" />

Step by step:

  1. (OPtional) Arrange the whole scene (the model and all cameras) wherever you want.
  2. Export all models as usual (press ‚Make Exportready‘, export as STL, undo the make-exportready operation).
  3. Now you can read out all positions. Select a „Panoname_HANDLE“ and look at the ‚KRpano Values‘ panel. You can also print the „Panorama Prealign code“.

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