Panimator starter tutorial

In this tutorial we will show how to add a hotspot- and a camera- animation to a 3D-depthmap tour with Panimator.
All necessary files are packed into the Panimator Bundle.


Panimator Bundle:


The Panimator bundle is a Tuur / DerMische co-production.
For the StarterTutorial we have created a screencast-video together to show all steps in Blender and Krpano.

More Panimator-Addon related tutorials coming soon here.


  • 00:05 Blender animation basics
  • 02:11 Hotspot animation (Blender)
  • 08:57 Hotspot animation (Timelines.JS)
  • 14:35 Camera animation basics
  • 15:01 PanoCamAdder camera
  • 17:24 Panimator camera
  • 20:14 Camera animation (Blender)
  • 26:14 Camera animation (Dolly.JS)

Take a seat
and start

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