Labyrinth Game

The labyrinth project started just as a small test scene to test some new features of the pre-release krpano1.21 (hit testing, raycast, 3D polygon hotspots)…
Then I had more and more fun with it and added more and more things. That’s how it became a little game.

I hope you have same fun playing! 😊

The ‚Game‘

  • The time is measured as soon as you enter the labyrinth
  • You can mark your way by painting the walls
  • You can cheat and get a 10-second overview by clicking on the blue arrows in the maze

When you exit the maze through the exit, you unlock the ability to ‚fly‘ and take high-resolution screenshots.

About The Tour Creation

The maze was created in Blender. I used this maze generator for the maze layout, free textures from ambientCG, and an HDRI from hdri-haven for the lighting.

The intro-animation was created with the PANIMATOR-bundle.

The blue arrows are 3D-polygonal hotspots, created with the PolyspotPrinter addon.

The PanoCamAdder and b2k-addon were just helpful for this tour, to get the exact values for the locations.

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