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The new ‚distribute-pano-mats‘ function distributes the different panorama materials to the faces of the model. But only one material can be assigned per face..

This can sometimes lead to an unsightly distribution on low poly models.

In this tutorial I will show you a workaround to create highly detailed textures!


  • First you have to create a final UV layout for the model!
  • Then a copy of the model must be created.
  • In the editmode this copy will be subdivided.
  • Now apply the ‚distribute-pano-mats‘ function to the copy and bake the texture as usual.
  • Use this texture for the low poly model.

Step by step with example:

For simplicity, I created a simple model with three PanoCAMs placed. It is simply a cuboid with 6 faces. The panoramas are monochrome to make the effect more visible.

This is how the model looks after the ‚distribute-pano-mats‘ function has been applied:

UV Layout

The very first step is to create a final UV layout. As always, make sure that the available space is used well and that the surfaces are not distorted!

This can be easily checked with the UV-Checker Texture (Helpers/Materials). All surfaces should be square and the same size!

Copy and subdivide model

Now the model can be copied (shift + d). I have renamed it to ‚MyModel_HiRes‘.

To subdivide the HiRes model, select all faces, right click and select ’subdivide‘. This step can be repeated as often as needed until the model is subdivided finely enough.

In the UV Editor you can see that the UV layout is also subdivided, but otherwise remains unchanged!

Distribute PanoMATS / Bake

Now apply the ‚distribute-pano-mats‘ function to the newly subdivided model. The panorama materials will now be more evenly distributed.

Bake the texture as usual, but make sure that ‚create UV-Layout‘ is NOT selected, otherwise the UV-Layout will be overwritten!

Use the texture for the Low-Poly-Model

Since the UV layouts of the low-poly model and the hi-res model are congruent, the texture can also be applied to the low-poly model.

The HiRes model is now no longer needed and can be deleted.

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