The b2k-addon is an addon for blender.
It is useful if you want to make a 3D virtual tour with krpano from a 3D-model or 3D-scan.

You can get the addon for €3+ on gumroad:

What it does:

The b2k-addon renders the panoramas and outputs the exact values for the positions.

Works with Cycles and Eevee!

When Eevee is selected, six cube faces are rendered. All images have unique names. So they can be converted to equiangular with cube2sphere.

The values are output to the console and saved in a txt file within the blender file.

This makes it easy to create 3D-depthmap tours with krpano.

What it does not do:

The b2k-addon does not change any render settings except for the image size and the image ratio. All other settings (sampling rate, output path) must be made by the user.

It also does nothing with the model. Means: You must prepare the model by yourself (downsizing, apply all transforms, export), if you want to use it as 3D-depthmap.

How it works:

  • load in your model or 3D-scan
  • set up all materials and lighting (if necessary)
  • add cameras to each position where you want to render a panorama
  • choose a render engine, set up the sample rate, output path, and image file format.
  • do some ’normal‘ test renders for evaluation of render time and image quality!
  • if everything is fine, select one ore more cameras and hit the render button
  • an info popup informs you about the number of images that will be rendered
  • press OK to start the rendering process. The popup disappears when the rendering is complete.

The location values for each rendered panorama will be printed to the console and also stored in a txt-file inside Blender:


Name: MyPano_0
ox="1.09" oy="-147.76" oz="389.85"

Name: MyPano_1
ox="247.44" oy="-147.76" oz="-137.22"

You also have access to the values in the krpanovalues-panel.

  • Select a camera to get ox/oy/oz/center/hlookat/vlookat.
  • Select a mesh to get tx/ty/tz/rx/ry/rz values for hotspot positioning.

The best method is to use PanoCamAdder cameras/hotspots. But you can also use any camera or just any primitive mesh as a hotspot.


Currently it is NOT possible to stop the rendering process before it is finished! So please always do some ’normal‘ test renderings before you start rendering a set of cube faces or animation frames to check render time and image quality!

About north and animation:


If north is checked, all rendered panoramas will have the same direction. This is enabled by default and it is needed for creating 3D-depthmap tours. Leave it unchecked if you want to render panoramas with the local camera direction (can be useful if you want to create 360 videos later on).


If the animation box is checked, the addon renders an image sequence for each selected camera.

This is completely useless if you want to render with Cycles, because you can do that without the addon..

However, if you render with Eevee, six cube faces are output for each animation frame.

So it is also possible to create 360 animations with Eevee!

Render=EEVEE North=false


I have created two examples with the b2k addon. Click on the info button to get more information about creating the tour:


b2k Addon Tutorial