The HotpotStyler is an additional addon to the PanoCamAdder.

With the Hotspotstyler addon you can quickly create different looks for PanoCamAdder hotspots!

  • You can print hotspot-codes or hotspot-styles
  • Easy creating beautiful hover effects

It works with hotspots from PanoCamAdder(free version) and PanoCamAdder+1.6 and above!

How it works:

First select a PCA hotspot. Now you can select all the properties you want to print. Some properties are set automatically (position, rotation, scaling, width, height), all others can be set manually.

The following variables are print and tweakable:

  • name (the hotspot/style name)
  • type (text/image)
  • url (if type = image)
  • text (the hotspot text)
  • css
    • font
    • fontsize
    • fontcolor
  • 3D settings (distorted, depth, rotationorder, ..)
  • style (name of the style to use)
  • keep (true/fale)
  • tx/ty/tz
  • rx/ry/rz
  • scale
  • bgcolor
  • bgalpha
  • alpha
  • width/height
  • bgroundedge (0=angular, 1=round)
  • bgborder
    • width
    • color
  • bgshadow
    • width (blur)
    • alpha

Hover Effects:

If you toggle an onover-checkbox, you can set values for the hover effects. These properties are shown only, if the mouse-cursor is over the hotspot.

You can create hover effects with a mix of the following properties:

  • html (Text)
  • scale
  • bgcolor
  • bgalpha
  • alpha
  • width/height
  • bgroundedge
  • bgborder (width,color)
  • bgshadow (width,alpha,color)

Buy the addon on Gumroad for 2.50+€