With Panimator you will have the possibility to run animated hotspots and cameras in krpano.

Bring your virtual tours to the next level!

The Panimator bundle contains two Krpano plugins and a Blender addon.
Timeline.JS for running animated hotspots and Dolly.JS for running animated cameras in krpano.

With Blender and the Panimmator Addon you can print the needed animation data.

If you have any questions about the Panimator plugin, feel free to ask us in the krpano-forum.

This is the documentation for the Panimator Blender Addon

The Panimator-Addon is well tested with Blender versions 2.93; 3.0!


If you want to add panimations to your 3D depthmap panoramas, you will need a blend file with the corresponding models on the right locations.

You can use the PanoCamAdder to create the tour from scratch – or to load already finished models into Blender.

Then you just have to add cameras or hotspots to the scene and start animating them with the Blender animation tools.

Animating with Blender is very easy!

Blenders default start window shows up all necesarry stuff for animating: The timeline!

If you want to set an amimation keyframe for an object (hotspot or camera), select the object and press the ‚I‘ key. Then you can choose location, rotation, scale, ..or what ever you want to animate.

Hotspot Animation:

It is possible to animate ‚Text‘ and ‚Image‘ hotspots.

For text-hotspots add hotspot-placeholders from the Panimator or PanoCamAdder Addon.

If you want to use images-hotspots, import them with the ‚import images as planes‘ addon. Set Plane Dimensions = Dots/BU and Definition = 50.0 as shown in this tutorial (youtube).

The following variables are animateable:

  • location (tx, ty, tz)
  • rotation (rx, ry, rz)
  • width/height
  • scale
  • alpha*

* = fake value (no visual feedback in the 3D viewport)

Camera Animation:

For camera animating it is important to rotate the cam only around the local z-axis (hlookat) and the local x-axis (vlookat).

For this reasson you can add a Panimator-camera. It is just a normal camera with locked local y-axis. Set the transformorientation to gimbal, if you use a Panimator-camera.
It is also possible to use just a PanoCamAdder-camera as usual.

The following variables are animateable:

  • location (tx, ty, tz)
  • rotation (hlookat/vlookat)
  • camroll*
  • fov

* = fake value (no visual feedback in the 3D viewport )

Print To Console:

Select the variables you want to print and hit the print-button. The ‚krpano-ready‘ animation path will be printed to the system console.

Each animation needs an own Keyframe Number! (timekey_ for hotspots, waypoint_ for cameras)

You can add Krpano brackets before and after the path. Or an additional comment, if you like.

The Panimator bundle is a co-production from Tuur and DerMische