PanoBlenderAddon Documentation (Version1.1)

PanoBlender Addon

The PanoBlenderAddon is helpfull for easy creating STL-files with BLENDER for KRPano 3D-Depthmap-Panoramas.

This is the documentation for the Addon.

Get the Addon on Gumroad.

I have also written a QuikStart-Tutorial
and a TourWorkflow-Tutorial for it.

But at first let me tell you, I am not a coder! I start learning to create Addons for Blender while I created this Addon…
The code is maybe not so clean, but it works!
The code is also OpenSource! Feel free to use and develop it on!


  • Download the PanoBlenderAddon.
  • You don’t need to unpack it. Leave it zipped.
  • Open Blender an go to Edit/Preferences/Add-ons.
  • Click Install and navigate to the file.
  • You will find the PanpBlender Panel in the „Tool Bar“ by pressing the N-Key in the 3D-View.

Important: If you have an older PanoBlenderAddon installed, uninstall AND remove it first, as shown in this video!

Start Panel:

  • Click the Setup PanoScene button to start your session with PanoBlenderAddon.

What it does:

  • It adds a camera setup for use as 360° viewer
  • It adds a plane with a green, transparent material („PanoCol“) and a „Triangulate Modifier“ at 0/0/0 to start modelling with it.
  • It adds a World setup („PanoWorld“), where to load the panorama in.
  • It sets some usefull viewport settings to the current window (Face Orientation, Wireframe Overlay).

Location/Rotation Panel:


  • Set the Camera Height here. (In Blender it is Z-Axis!)
  • It is also usefull to read out the CameraLocation values, if you want to link panoramas with KRpano!


  • Rotate the panorama to fit with the 3D-View

360° Viewer Panel:

  • Toggle 360° Viewer. Keep mousewheel pressed and drag to look around.
  • Zoom slider

Viewport Panel:

Here you can set some usefull viewport settings quickly. At start, everything is activated by default. Normaly there is no need to change something here. But it can be helpfull, if you want to setup a new window.

  • Color: To change the „PanoCol“ color.
  • Face Orientation: To show the Face Orientation in EditMode with blue and red. Only the blue sides will be visible in KRpano!
  • Wireframe: To overlay a Wireframe in ObjectMode.
  • Show Emptys: Deselect it to hide all Emptys (TourMarkers)

Helpers Panel:

Some helpfull tools to prepare and clean up the model.

  • Flip Normals: To correct faces, if they are shown in wrong direction. (Must be blue!)
  • Merge Verticies: Helpfull to clean up the model to reduce file size. (Alt)+(M)

TourMarker Panel:

Here you can add Markers, to store the current camera-location and panorama-rotation.
If you select a Marker, the current location/rotation values will be printet out there. The „prealign“ and „ox/oy/oy“ values for KRpano will also be printed out! (since version 1.1)

Export Panel:

Select the model and click Make Exportready to prepare the model for using with KRpano.

What it does

  • Set the origin to cameralocation
  • Set location to 0/0/0
  • Set same rotation as PanoRotation
  • Apply rotation, location and scale
  • Reset PanoRotation

Now you can export the model as STL file! (Dont forget to tick Ascii, Selection Only and Apply Modifiers)

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