PanoCamAdder Blender Addon

The PanoCamAdder is an addon for Blender.

It is helpfull to create 3D models from equirectangular panoramas.
The PanoCamAdder is also helpfull for creating models especially for KRpano 3D-depthmap panorama tours.

The addon comes in two versions:

PanoCamAdder (free)

  • Add PanoCam:
    • 360°-viewer camera setup
    • panorama material for the model
    • desaturated panorama world for the background
  • Add Hotspot:
    • Hotspot placeholder with correct size and rotation.

You can add multiple PanoCams, Materials and Worlds to each file!

PanoCamAdder+ (5+€)

  • All free features.
  • Add ImageHotspot:
    • Choose an image from your system. It will be added as texture on a plane with correct size and rotation.
  • Easy toggeling between different 360 cameras.
  • Zoom slider for the 360 viewer.
  • Quick viewport settings.
  • Prepare the models for KRpano with just one click.
  • KRpano Values: Read out the panorama/hotspot positions/rotations (translated to KRpano 3D space) to create 3D-depthmap panorama tours.
  • KRpano to Blender: Import finished 3D-depthmap models and bring them to the right location/rotation.
  • Print preformed xml code for positioning panoramas and hotspots quickly in KRpano.

Download (Gumroad):

The PanoCamAdder+ is full compatible to the free vesrion!
Means: If you start with the free version, you can finish your project with PanoCamAdder+.

For what is it usefull?

You can use all the features of Blender to create different things with the model later on.

Use texture-baking to create beautiful dollhouses or scenes for a game engine.

You can export the model also as STL file, to use it inside KRpano as Depthmap.

Documentation (PCA+ 1.7)

Add PanoCam

  • The ‚Add PanoCam‚ button creates a 360-viewer camera, a panorama-material and a desauturaded panorama-world for the background.
  • The filebrowser window opens, when you hit the button . Select a panorama image (jpg, png, tiff) from your system and set the name and camheight.
  • If you have selected a mesh before hitting the button, the new material will be applied to the mesh.
  • Uncheck ‚Material/World‘, if you just need a PanoCam.

Add Hotspot

  • Hit the ‚Add Hotspot‚ button and set the name and the backgroundcolor of the hotspot.
  • The default scale value is 0.5. Scale in object-mode around all axis at once (just press ’s‘) to get different scale values.
  • Edit the hotspot in edit-mode to get different values for width/height or to create different ratios.

Add ImageHotspot

  • Hit the ‚Add ImageHotspot‚ button, select an image file (jpg, png, tiff) from your computer and set a name for the hotspot.
  • Scale and rotate in object-mode.

360 Viewer

  • Here you can choose one your currently added cameras for the 3Dview.
  • If a camera is selected you can zoom in/out or look directly to the horizont, zenith and nadir.

Viewport Settings

Here you can quickly show or hide different things in the viewport.

  • Wireframe (shows the meshes with wireframe)
  • Face Orientation (blue/red sided faces. Only the blue sides are visible in krpano)
  • Relationship Lines
  • Floor
  • Extras (show/hide emtys and cameras)
  • Background (show/hide the panorama-world )


  • Flip Normals (to fix wrong face-orientations)
  • Merge Verticies (to combine different parts of a mesh)


  • Depthmapped (for finished 3D-depthmaps)
  • UV Texture (for the ‚dollhouse‘)
  • UV Checker (to check the UV layout)

KRP to Blender

You can import already used 3D-depthmaps into blender and bring them to the correct location. This can be usefull if you want to retouch your models later on for example.

Import your model as usual. Paste a krpano code-snippet and keep sure the model is selected. Then hit the corresponding button.

move to

Example code:


move to ox/oy/oz

Example code:

ox="138.5649271151" oy="0" oz="-22.9469790601"

rotate to prealign

Example code:



To prepare the model for using with krpano do the following steps:

  1. Select one (or more) ‚_HANDLE‘ and your model.
  2. Keep sure, the model is the ‚active object‘.
  3. Press ‚Make ExportReady‘.

This wil create two new folders. DEPTH3D and TOUR3D:

  • The DEPTH3D folder contains all finished 3D-depthmaps, ready for to use within krpano. Just export them from here.
  • The TOUR3D folder contains all finished 3D-depthmaps perfect aligned to each other. Use this arrangement to read out the values, add hotspots, add more finished models, floors, …

Export STL:

Go to File/Export/Stl(.stl).

Dont forget to tick:

  • Ascii
  • Selection only

Export OBJ:

Go to File/Export/Wavefront(.obj).

Dont forget to tick:

  • Selection only

If you want to use the model as textured ‚dollhouse‘, you have to create a uv-layout/texture first -as shown in this tutorial.

KRP Values

Creating 3D-depthmap panorama tours

If you want to create 3D-depthmap panorama tours in KRpano, you will need the exact position and rotation for each panorama and hotspot.

Read out the Krpano values with PanoCamAdder:

To read out the location and rotation values for each panorama, you will need an arrangement with all finished models well aligned to each other.
The TOUR3D folder contains exactly such a scene!

  • Add hotspots, if you like. Or more finished models.
  • If everything is well placed, select each model / hotspot (seperate) to read out the location/rotation valus in the KrpanoValues panel.
  • It is also possible, to print a preformed xml-code for the hotspots and the panorama-aligning.
<style name="Style_Pano_02" prealign="-0.0|1.0621|0.0" ox="413.173" oy="0.0" oz="339.929" linkedscene="Scene_Pano_02" />
<style name="Style_Pano_04" prealign="-0.0|3.7533|0.0" ox="14.6254" oy="0.0" oz="-321.7581" linkedscene="Scene_Pano_04" />

<hotspot name="Hotspot_01" style="" tx="413.173" ty="126.1291" tz="339.929" rx="-90.0" ry="-180.0" rz="-0.0" />
<hotspot name="Hotspot_02" style="" tx="658.8543" ty="-0.0" tz="149.5747" rx="0.0" ry="90.0" rz="-0.0" />
<hotspot name="Hotspot_03" style="" tx="-89.8124" ty="-35.625" tz="-118.4566" rx="90.0" ry="-0.0" rz="-90.0" />