What it is:

The PanoCamAdder is a small addon for Blender.

It is helpfull to create 3D models from equirectangular panoramas.

Download it for free from here:

It does three things for you:

  • It adds a 360°-viewer camera setup.
  • It creates a Material with a panorama-texture node.
  • It creates a World setup with a desaturated panorama for the background.

You can add multiple PanoCams, Materials and Worlds to each file!

That’s all…

But it is not needed more, to use 360° Panoramas as reference to create a 3D model!

For what is it usefull?

You can use all the features of Blender to create different things with the model later on.

Use texture-baking to create beautiful dollhouses or scenes for a game engine.

You can export the model also as STL file, to use it inside KRpano as Depthmap. But therefore you must prepare it manually before (tutorial).

How it works:

Enter a name for your panorama and press the „Add PanoCam“ button.

PanoCamAdder panel

This will create:

  • A Material „PanoName_MAT
  • A World „PanoName_WORLD

And it adds three objects to the scene:

  • A camera „PanoName_CAM
  • An emty „PanoName_EMPTY
  • And another empty „PanoName_ROT

The „PanoName_EMPTY“ is the mainhandle for the camera-location and the panorama-rotation.
Move it to position the camera, rotate it to turn the panorama.

The „PanoName_CAM“ is the 360°-Viewer for the current panorama. Press NumPad-0 to activate the camview, hold and drag the middle mouse button to look around.

If you use more than one PanoCam in your scene, you must activate different cameras for each window. Go to the VIEW tab, tick „use local camera“ and select a camera from the dropdown menue.

The „PanoName_ROT“ is needed for the world-setup. Just leave it where it is and ignore it. 😉

Start modelling

To start modelling, add a plane to the scene and apply the „PanoName_MAT“. Load your panorama to the Material. Keep sure the plane is at (0/0/0) and move the „PanoName_EMPTY“ to the corecct camera-height (very important!)
If you want to see a desaturated panorama in the background, select the „PanoName_WORLD“ in the World settings.
Activate Viewport-Shading to make the Material visible. Tick Scene-World to make the background-panorama visible, too.

As you can see, you need more Blender knowledge for this one.
So I recoment you to learn some Blender basics first!

Everything, the camera height for example, must be set up manually. There is neither a „Make ExportReady“ button.. If you wanna use the 3D model for KRpano, you must prepare it manually.

If you are totaly new to Blender, it is maybe better to start with the PanoBlenderAddon.
On the other side, you can also use the PanoCamAdder to learn Blender with it.

What’s next?

For now I want to do more tests with the PanoCamAdder.
I will try to find an easy workflow to prepare the model(s) for using it with KRpano.

I will try to create an additional Mask-Material. This could be helpfull, if you want to bake multiple panorama-textures and layer them in Photoshop or any other image-editing application later on.

Anyway, I think this is a good startpoint for a new PanoBlenderAddon version.