Create 3D polygonal hotspots for krpano!

You can get the addon on Gumroad and pay what you want!

What it does:

  • The PolyspotPrinter translates all position information for each point and outputs it as krpano-code in the console
  • You can enter a name and a style
  • You can print multiple hotspots at once
  • You can split 3 dimensional objects into several flat objects

How it works

  • create your polygonal hotspot
  • the object must contain polygon(s) and be flat (or almost flat)
  • select the object and press the ‚Print Points3D‘

Build 3D objects with polygonal hotspots

If your hotspot mesh is not flat, you can split it into several flat objects.

  • select the model and press the ‚Split Mesh‘ button
  • select all models and hit the ‚Print Points3D‘ button

Some modelling tips

  • keep sure your model does not contain unnecessary vertices/edges/faces
  • try to use as little geometry as possible
  • use ngons (polygons with more than 4 vertices) to avoid unnecessary polygons